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One of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s overriding goals is to maintain the highest possible level of security for our customers and collaborative partners, also in terms of protecting personal information. Therefore, Søe-Jensen & Co. has established a policy for the way Søe-Jensen & Co. handles your personal information.


Søe-Jensen & Co. operate soe-jensen.dk, retailers, B2C and B2B.

Søe-Jensen & Co. is data controller.

Søe-Jensen & Co.’s contact information is: Søe-Jensen & Co., Amaliegade 4, 1256 Copenhagen K, Helle Agesen, sjc@soe-jensen.dk.

Søe-Jensen & Co. handle all personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Søe-Jensen & Co. has modified relevant processes and systems according to the new EU rules for processing personal information (GDPR).

Søe-Jensen & Co. sells physical products.

When you relinquish your personal information to Søe-Jensen & Co. by ordering one or more products and making a purchase, you are also consenting to having your personal information processed by Søe-Jensen & Co.


Søe-Jensen & Co. collects personal information in the following way:

  • When you choose to shop for one or more of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s services or products.
  • From individuals acting on your behalf.
  • On the B2B market. For instance, in a sales situation, where a request is made for an estimate on one of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s services.
  • When, as a B2C, you shop for a piece of merchandise and ask for an offer from Søe-Jensen & Co.
  • When you subscribe to Søe-Jensen & Co.’s newsletters.
  • From social media, advertising, and analysis providers, as well as public registers.

Collection of personal information and processing of the same will always be done according to the law.


Among other things, Søe-Jensen & Co. collects the following personal information:

  • Name, address, phone number, email address, birthdate, and other general personal information
  • Purchase history
  • Feedback via physical as well as online sweepstakes
  • Feedback on social media and other digital platforms
  • Browser information
  • Information about your company and relevant contacts

In addition to receiving information from you, Søe-Jensen & Co. will supplement our information in certain cases with information we have received from third parties, such as a collaborative partner.

In these cases, the third party is required to inform the involved customers of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s terms and conditions, as well as this personal data policy. And to ensure they obtain the necessary acceptance for registration and processing of any sensitive information.


Søe-Jensen & Co. collects only personal information that is necessary for the purpose described in the separate terms and conditions of the services in question as well as in this personal data policy.

Søe-Jensen & Co.’s purpose for collecting personal information may be one or more of the following:

  • Processing your purchase of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s products.
  • Contact with you before, during, or after your purchase.
  • Improving and developing Casatina’s services.
  • Customising Casatina’s communication and marketing for you.
  • Analysing your user behaviour and remarketing.
  • Administration of your relationship with Casatina.
  • Compliance with legal requirements.


Søe-Jensen & Co. bases the processing of your personal information on the following legal foundation.

For instance, Søe-Jensen & Co. can process your personal information, because it is necessary to process a purchase you are part of.

Similarly, Casatina can process your personal information in order to complete certain actions and/or preparations upon your request prior to entering into a contract.

The processing can also take place, so Søe-Jensen & Co. can pursue a legitimate interest, unless your interest prevails over it.

Among legitimate interests pursued by Søe-Jensen & Co. are things like statistics, customer surveys, interest-based marketing, and analysis of general user behaviour, one purpose being to improve your benefits, your experience, and the quality of Søe-Jensen & Co.’s services.


According to The General Data Protection Regulation, you have a number of rights in terms of which personal information Søe-Jensen & Co. processes and registers.

These rights are as follows:

  • You have the right to request insight into and the right to have corrected, updated, and deleted any personal information Søe-Jensen & Co. has registered about you.
  • If you would like your personal information deleted, Søe-Jensen & Co. will delete all information that Søe-Jensen & Co. is not legally obligated to keep by law.
  • If the processing of personal information is based on acceptance from you, you have the right to rescind your acceptance, which means that the processing will stop afterwards, unless Søe-Jensen & Co. is obligated by law to process the personal information.

Access may be limited, however, in consideration of the privacy rights of others, of business secrets, and of intellectual property rights.

By written request to Søe-Jensen & Co., you can either receive a printout of your personal information, have your personal information updated, make objections or request to have your personal information deleted.

The request must be signed by you and contain your name, address, phone number, email address, and any customer number.

Within 1 week after receiving your request for a printout, Søe-Jensen & Co. will send it to your email.

When you request correction and/or deletion of your personal information, Søe-Jensen & Co. will check if the conditions are met, in which case the changes or deletion will be done as quickly as possible.

Søe-Jensen & Co. may reject requests that are either unreasonably repetitive, require disproportional technical remedial action (such as developing a new system or changing an existing practice unreasonably), impact the protection of the personal information of others, or in situations where the requested action would be considered extremely complicated (such as requesting information that exists strictly as backup copies).


Søe-Jensen & Co. protects your personal information against unauthorised disclosure and against unauthorised access to and knowledge about them.

In case of a breach in security that results in a high risk of you being subject to discrimination, ID theft, financial loss, loss of reputation, or another significant disadvantage, Søe-Jensen & Co. will inform you of the security breach as soon as possible.

In addition to Casatina’s internal systems, Casatina uses external subcontractors for IT services, IT systems, payment solutions, etc.

Søe-Jensen & Co. have entered into data processing agreements with all the respective subcontractors in accordance with the new EU rules for processing of personal information (GDPR). This ensures a high level of protection for your personal information. This ensures a high level of protection of your personal information.

Søe-Jensen & Co. may also, in certain cases be obligated to disclose personal information according to the law or after adjudication by a public authority.

Søe-Jensen & Co. deletes your personal information, when Søe-Jensen & Co. no longer is legally obligated to store the information, or when there is no longer a purpose for processing it.


If you have questions, comments, or complaints about Søe-Jensen & Co.’s processing of personal information, you can contact us in writing at:

Micahel S. Rasmussen, Amaliegade 4, 1256 Copenhagen K – sjc@soe-jensen.dk.

If this doesn’t result in a solution, any complaint can then be directed at The Danish Data Protection Agency.

The current contact address is listed at www.datatilsynet.dk.

Any changes to the personal data policy will be communicated by publication of new terms and conditions on Søe-Jensen & Co.’s website.

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