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Interior door levers can make an enormous difference for the appearance of a door, and they are more durable than door levers for exterior use, because they are not subject to the same amount of wear and tear and harsh weather. You also don’t need to worry about safety to the same degree, wherefore you can freely choose door levers for interior use according to taste and quality alone. At SØE-JENSEN & CO, you’ll find high-quality door levers for interior use, which will make your doors look more exclusive.

Beautiful brass door handles indoors

If you love home decor, and want to spruce up your home with some simple steps that will not cost you much money or time, the indoor door handles are a great place to start. They are simple to switch but make the whole world. Think about how often you look and touch your door handles in your home when you open a door, and then all of a sudden you are in no doubt.


Different kinds of nice door handles

Are you looking for indoor door handles in brass? Then you have landed in the right place. Our beautiful interior door handles are available in many shapes and variants. The same door handle can be used in all rooms, from the bathroom to the living room and the entrance hall, but you can of course also mix styles. Are you crazy about Art Deco or are you more into the classic wooden door handle, which you often find in the traditional Østerbro or Hellerup apartment. With us, it is not difficult to find a door handle that pleases your eye and that fits your personal interior design. And if it’s about the icing on the cake, let’s show you a door stopper, or a beautiful and decorative hook that will look great with a nice brass door handle in the hallway. And if the style is not brass, all our brass products can also be delivered in chrome or nickel – come and check it out in the store.

Do you need help installing your door handle at home?

If you are in doubt about which door handles to choose, we have made a detailed door handle guide, where we go through all the steps to find the perfect door handle for you.


Buy indoor door handles from SØE-JENSEN & CO

Can’t wait to decorate your home decor with our beautiful and stylish door handles? You can either order them over our online store or come down to our physical store and see our showroom. Delivery time is from 3 days to 8 weeks, depending on whether the item is in stock or it is to be produced. Keep in mind that this is needlework all the way from raw material until you have the finished product with you.

Do you want to know more about us?

Our company has existed since 1862 and has for more than 150 years primarily produced brass door handles and fittings for many larger and historic buildings in Denmark. You can read more about our history on eg Historiske Huse’s website and under the category “About us” on this page. Our door handle is the epitome of good quality, which is emphasized by many loyal customers. And then we are of course extra proud when a customer visits us to hear if, in connection with a renovation or expansion, they can buy more door handles, which are similar to those that sit in their 40, 50 or 100 year old home. And yes, they can.

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