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With a door knocker from Søe-Jensen & Co., you can welcome your guests in style. A door knocker is a subtle, but also elegant and special detail for your front door. With a door knocker, you underscore the style of your home even before your guests have made it through the door.

At Søe-Jensen & Co., we have a selection of several different door knocker models. Among others, you can get door knockers in brass, chrome, nickel, or black patina.

Our selection

At Søe-Jensen & Co. we have several different models of door hammers to choose from. Common to all our door hammers is that they are all produced with care and attention.

In our range, you can find a classic door hammer such as our Bastin 156 or Gilson 115, which fits beautifully and effortlessly on most front doors. You can also choose a Limburg 215, which is more massive in its design, and makes you really get a firm grip on your hands.

You can also choose our model Walros 130, which, in addition to a beautiful design, also has an interesting cultural history behind it. In 1917, Søe-Jensen & Co. became encouraged by Knud Rasmussen to design a door hammer in the form of a characteristic walrus for use in the polar researcher’s new home at Hundested. You can read more about the story behind Knud Rasmussen’s front door here.

All our models are available in brass, chrome or nickel to suit your door handles and other fittings.


Give a doorknob as a gift

Do you lack inspiration for a good moving-in gift? Or would you like to bring a unique host or hostess gift? A door hammer from Søe-Jensen & Co. is both a beautiful and original gift. Unlike, for example, flowers or chocolate, a door hammer is a gift that they will enjoy for many years to come.


Buy a door hammer from Søe-Jensen & Co.

You are always welcome to come down to our physical store and see our showroom with the different models. However, if you can not wait to upgrade your front door with a door hammer, you can of course use our online store.

Delivery time is from 3 days to 8 weeks, depending on whether the item is in stock or whether it is to be produced. Keep in mind that this is needlework all the way from raw material until you have the finished product with you.


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Visit us at Amaliegade 4 Copenhagen or contact us on tel: 53747304 and get answers to any questions and advice for your choice of home interior.

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