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Furniture pulls can be a great way to revive a piece of furniture, rather than choosing the expensive option, which is to replace the piece. Elegant, nye pulls can really make a difference for a piece of furniture, and they can be extremely decorative. At Søe-Jensen & Co., we have both knobs and handles according to what you need. See our wide selection of furniture pulls.

Knobs and handles in brass

Depending on how your furniture is designed and what you think is nicest, you can find both knobs and handles in our fine selection. All our furniture handles are designed with attention to detail and are very different. Some have a more classic look, while others have a more decadent and classy look.

All our knobs and handles are made of brass but are also offered with chrome and nickel surface.


Furniture handles for storage furniture

Furniture handles can be used for most types of furniture, which have a storage function. At Søe-Jensen & Co. you can furniture handles that can be used for both:

Cabinet handle
Handles for drawers
Knobs for cabinet doors
Grab for dresser
Personalize your furniture

With new handles for furniture, you have the opportunity to personalize a piece of furniture and make it more stylish to look at, depending on whether it is an IKEA cabinet or a kitchen from the 90s that could use an update. If you are on the creative side, you can also experiment with using two or four different furniture handles on the same piece of furniture to create a completely unique look. Or you can also run different furniture handles in different rooms – only the imagination sets limits.


Need other beautiful and practical interiors for your home?

At Søe-Jensen & Co. it is easy to spruce up its decor with simple additions. We have both beautiful door stops in brass for floor and wall, beautiful and decorative hangers for the entrance and very much other interior which is worth looking at if you want a more beautiful home.


Do you lack inspiration to decorate the entrance at home?

The entrance is probably the most difficult room to decorate, because it is often narrow and small, and the space is often used for storage and as a walk-through room. We have made a detailed inspiration guide, where we go through all the steps to the perfect decor of the entrance.


Buy beautiful furniture handles from SØE-JENSEN & CO

Can’t wait to decorate your home decor with our beautiful and stylish furniture handles? You can either order them over our online store or come down to our physical store and see our showroom. Delivery time is from 3 days to 6 weeks, depending on whether the item is in stock or it is to be produced.

Do you want to know more about us?

Our company has existed since 1862 and has for more than 150 years primarily produced brass door handles and fittings for many larger and historic buildings in Denmark. You can read more about our history on eg Historiske Huse’s website and under the category “About us” on this page. Our interior is the epitome of good quality, and many of our former customers are incredibly happy with our products.

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Visit us at Amaliegade 4 Copenhagen or contact us at 53747304 and get answers to questions and advice for your choice of home interior.

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