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Beautiful towel holders suggest a luxurious hotel room, where a new, fresh towel awaits the guest. Towel holders contribute to making your bathroom look exclusive, and they allow you to dry your towels in an elegant way. It’s nice when your towel can dry properly, so it feels fresh next time you need it, and with a functional and substantial towel holder, it has every opportunity to do so.

Different kinds of nice towel holders for wall

At SØE-JENSEN & CO. you have the option of choosing between different types of towel rails. We have holders for towels in ring shape, double rod, single rod, and hook shape. The holders have different properties, and depending on how much space and what look you prefer, you can choose between the different holders.

The advantage of, for example, the hook towel holder is that it does not take up as much space, and at the same time two towels can be hung on it, plus that the towels never slip down. The advantage of a single rod, on the other hand, is that your towel dries faster and stays fresh for longer. The latter is also a great benefit to the environment as you do not have to wash your towels as often.

All our towel rails are intended to be mounted on the wall, and in all our designs, quality, functionality and aesthetics have always been considered.


Create a complete look in your bathroom

The bathroom is often not the largest space in your home, so it will easily look a bit cluttered. It therefore makes sense to try to create some charm and coherence in the space. With our fine door stops and selection of accessories for the bathroom, it is easy to create a beautiful and complete style. Our accessories consist of everything from glass shelves, cleaning brushes, toilet roll holder, soap dish and much more. With our accessories produced in brass and ceramics, you get a bathroom that appears both stylish and exclusive, and is everything you dream of. If you do not like the brass look, or maybe it does not fit into your remaining interior, you can also choose towel rails with a nickel or chrome surface.


Buy beautiful towel holder at SØE-JENSEN & CO

Can’t wait to decorate your home decor with our beautiful and stylish towel rails? You can either order them over our online store or come down to our physical store and see our showroom. Delivery time is from 3 days to 6 weeks, depending on whether the item is in stock or it is to be produced.

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Our company has existed since 1862 and has for more than 150 years primarily produced brass door handles and fittings for many larger and historic buildings in Denmark. You can read more about our history on eg Historiske Huse’s website and under the category “About us” on this page. Our interior is the epitome of good quality, and many of our former customers are incredibly happy with our products.

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