Flawless elegance in an exterior door lever inspired by Art Nouveau. A luxurious composition that takes modern and classic styles to a new level. Door levers (also known as door handles) come in sets of two with the original Søe-Jensen stamp and a lifetime warranty.


Bavier is a minimalist door lever that can be traced back to the late 1800’s and is inspired by “Art Nouveau” style. The shiny finish and rounded forms are evidence of magnificent craftsmanship. The elegant design is complemented by its rounded forms. This door lever is hand-crafted, sand cast and unvarnished by our talented artisans with expertise in brass, nickel, and chrome. Whether you prefer classic, Art Nouveau, or modern style, Bavier is a magnificent door lever for you.

This door lever was used at Hotel d’Angleterre (established in 1755) when it got its current look (Victorian/Art Nouveau architecture) in 1895. The historic landmark has elegance, luxury, and “modern” style and the same goes for our Bavier lever.

Bavier was also the door lever that was chosen when the old post office from 1912 was converted to Hotel Villa Copenhagen in 2020.

As trim, we recommend a rosette from the SJC Classic series.


Door thickness 32-42mm, can be modified for other door thicknesses.
Standard iron spindle 8x8mm.

Length: 112mm;

Briggs 112 comes as a set of two door levers and with your choice of options:

  • The selected finish (brass, chrome, or nickel)
  • The selected trim: rosettes, escutcheon plates or no trim.
  • 1 door lever iron, 2 grub screws, 1 hex key, and various screws for installation.
  • Set screw: DIN 915 M5x6 mm

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