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ESCUTCHEON CLASSIC I (Exterior) Centres 30 mm

With this escutcheon you have a secure choice for door levers. It is a perfect fit for both modern and classic homes. Cradling it in your palm, you’ll discern and appreciate the unmistakable quality – it takes quality to a whole new level. Note that this escutcheon is used primarily for exterior levers, as the diameter of the escutcheon is 58mm, whereas interior levers are normally 52mm. Here, indoor levers are usually 52mm.

Delivery time: 3-4 working days from receipt of order.

Delivery: Free on purchases over EUR 300 to selected countries.

Lifetime guarantee: Offered on all natural brass products.

Right of return: 30 days from receipt.


Size: Ø58 x 5mm
For pass-through screws 2×M4
Screw spacing: 30mm

Sketch drawing

ESCUTCHEON CLASSIC I (Exterior) Centres 30 mm

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