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This is a very simple, and therefore very minimalist door lever. The grip was originally designed back in the 1920s, and was re-designed by architect Christoffer Harlang in 2010. At one point, Genon went by the name “Sundvænget”. This was due to the fact that this door lever was commonly used in the architecture seen between Strandvejen and Øresund in North Zealand, an area known as Sundvejene.

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Door thickness 32-42mm, can be modified for other door thicknesses. Standard iron spindle 8x8mm.

Length: 87mm;

Genon 87 comes as a set of two door levers and with your choice of options:

  • The selected finish (brass, chrome, or nickel)
  • The selected trim: rosette and neck in one. Through-going screws or wood screws
  • 1 door lever iron, 2 grub screws, 1 hex key, and various screws for installation.
  • Set screw: DIN 915 M5x6 mm

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