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A comfortable and historic door lever with a cross-handle, also called a T-handle. Narrow and discrete form factor and posh design. You may want to combine Hagmann with a Hauser escutcheon plate. The Hagmann lever is best suited for old mortice locks. Comes in sets of two with the original Søe-Jensen stamp and a lifetime warranty.

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Our Hagmann door lever is inspired by the Creutz series, but it is set apart by the lever being installed in the centre. The narrow form factor and the historic design are perfect for giving your home an understated luxury.

This door lever is crafted from high-quality brass with a high copper content. The brass is unvarnished and polished to a high gloss, which guarantees beautiful patination and easy maintenance. The surface is plated with either brass, chrome, or nickel to guarantee that the door lever fits your style completely. The door lever is sand cast by hand at our European workshop, where it is subjected to rigorous quality control. If you need something simple, classic, and solid, then the Coupe 100 is the obvious choice in door levers.

As trim, we recommend a rosette from the SJC Classic series or a Hauser escutcheon plate. If you want a door lever that is very traditional, then check out the Creutz series.


Door thickness 32-42mm, can be adapted to other door thicknesses.
Standard iron spindle 8x8mm.

Length: 74mm

Hagman 74 comes as a set of two door levers and with your choice of options:

  • The selected finish (brass, chrome, or nickel)
  • The selected trim: rosettes, escutcheon plates or no trim.
  • 1 door lever iron, 2 grub screws, 1 hex key, and various screws for installation.
  • Set screw: DIN 915 M5x6 mm

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