Complete the maritime look with a walnut motif door handle, specially adapted for outdoor use. The grip was designed for the polar researcher Knud Rasmussen’s home built in 1917 in Hundested, where it can still be found. Door levers (also known as door handles) come in sets of two with the original Søe-Jensen stamp and a lifetime warranty.


The maritime style is all about calling the sea to mind within the safety of your home. Walrus 145 pays homage to the sea using the walrus motif, the shiny surfaces and curved shapes in a completed invocation of the water. Maritime décor uses the same colours, shapes, and materials as the ones we see on the ocean and on ships. On ships, metal is scarce, making it critically important that it is of top quality. To achieve this, our artisans combine material integrity with a stylised motif. The complex walrus motif is sand-cast in unpainted metal and therefore perfect for a door handle for outdoor use. It is sturdy, sustainable, and can survive any kind of weather, whether it is crafted in brass, chrome, or nickel.

Walros are also available as an indoor grip. If you are into other sea creatures, take a look at the Dolphin and Whale series.


Door thickness 42-82mm, can be modified for other door thicknesses.
Standard iron spindle 8x8mm.

Length: 115mm;
Set screw: DIN 915 M5x6 mm

Walros 115 comes as a set of two door levers and with your choice of options:

  • The selected finish (brass, chrome, or nickel)
  • The selected trim: rosettes, escutcheon plates or no trim.
  • 1 door lever iron, 2 grub screws, 1 hex key, and various screws for installation.
  • Set screw: DIN 915 M5x6 mm

Sketch drawing


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