Søe-Jensen & CO.

SINCE 1862

Terms of trade


Søe-Jensen & Co.

Showroom / Shop:

Amaliegade 4

1256 København K

CVR No .: 40591249

Email: sjc@soe-jensen.dk

Phone: 53 74 73 04


Søe-Jensen & Co. is the designer and vendor of the products in the web shop and the shop.

Søe-Jensen & Co.’s merchandise can be seen and experienced at Amaliegade 4 in the heart of Copenhagen. The shop/showroom is open every Tuesday and Friday from 13-17 and by appointment.

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on orders purchased via an online store. You have 14 days’ right of return on orders purchased in the web shop. If you purchase in our brick-and-mortar store, there is only a right of return with a prior written agreement.


You can pay with any card that Nets supports.

Your card will not be charged until the merchandise has shipped.

Søe-Jensen & Co. retains ownership of delivered merchandise until the purchase price is paid in full.

When you have sent us your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation at your email address.


A Søe-Jensen & Co. gift card can be used both in the shop and the web shop. When using it in the web shop, specify the control number, amount, and issue date in the ‘gift card’ field. The amount from the gift card is automatically applied to your purchase, and any balance remains registered to the gift card.


All prices are listed in Danish kroner (DKK) and include 25% VAT and other fees.

Card and bank fees are disclosed before the purchase. Transaction fees do not exceed fees established by PBS.

The price indicated at the time of the order is the valid order price.

We are not responsible for sold-out merchandise and errors.


If you would like to have your items delivered, the merchandise will be delivered by XX. The delivery time varies from 3 days to 6 weeks, depending on whether the item is in stock or if it needs to be manufactures.

You also have the option of picking up your purchase in the shop at Amaliegade 5, 1256 Copenhagen K, and if you choose this method of delivery, there are no shipping charges.


As a consumer, you have 14 days’ right of return when shopping with us.

Your right of return expires 14 days after the day you receive your item or the day you physically receive the last item in case of an agreement where several different items were part of one order, but which are delivered individually.

Within 14 days of receiving your items, you need to notify us that you would like to change your mind about your purchase. The notification must be made to sjc@soe-jensen.dk . In your notification, you need to notify us in no uncertain terms that your want to take advantage of your right of return.

You cannot undo the purchase simply by refusing delivery of the merchandise without also making this abundantly clear to us.


You need to return your order to us without any undue delay, and no later than 14 days after notifying us that you want to undo your purchase. You are responsible for the direct costs associated with returning the merchandise. You are responsible for the merchandise from the time of delivery of the items.

If the original packaging is missing, it may constitute a decrease in value, so to ensure that you can get all your money back, we recommend returning the item in its original packaging.

The cost of return is normally expected to amount to PostNord’s prices for packages. Due to the nature of certain merchandise, it cannot be returned by regular mail. This is the case for furniture.


The following types of merchandise are excepted from your right of return:

Delivered merchandise that was crafted to the specifications of the consumer or has an obvious personal look.

Agreements about specific urgent repairs or maintenance work at the home of the consumer, which the consumer has asked for expressly ahead of time.


You are only responsible for any decrease in the value of the merchandise caused by other handling than what is necessary to determine the nature and properties of the item and the way it works. In other words, you can test the merchandise in the same way as you could test it in a brick-and-mortar store, but you cannot put it to actual use.

If the merchandise is tested beyond what is described in the foregoing, we consider it used, which means that you, when changing your mind about your purchase, will receive only a part or none of the purchase price back, depending on the fair market value of the item.


If you regret you purchase, you get the amount paid to us returned. In case of a decrease in value that you are responsible for, this is subtracted from the refund amount.

If you take advantage of your right of return, we refund all payments received from you, including shipping costs (however, not including extra costs due to your choosing a different form of delivery from the cheapest type of standard delivery that we offer), without undue delay and under all circumstances no later than 14 days from the date we were notified about your decision to regret this agreement. We will then complete any such refund via the same payment method that was used for the original transaction unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise.

We can hold the refund until we have received the returned merchandise unless you have presented documentation before that of having returned the item.


Søe-Jensen & Co.

Amaliegade 4

1256 København K

You can also regret your purchase by notifying us of this in no uncertain terms and delivering it in person to the above listed address with prior appointment.

We do not accept packages without delivery or packages sent COD.


Rules of deficiency in the Danish Sale of Goods Act may apply to purchases of merchandise.

When you shop with us as a consumer, you have a 24-month right of complaint. This means that you can get the merchandise repaired, exchanged, get your money back, or get a discounted price, depending on the particular situation. It is a requirement that the complaint is legitimate and that the deficiency did not arise because of incorrect use of the product or other damaging acts.

You must complain within a “reasonable time” after you discover the deficiency of the merchandise. If you complain within two months after discovering the deficiency, your complaint will always be timely.

If the complaint is legitimate, we will reimburse your (reasonable) shipping costs. The merchandise must always be retuned in proper packaging, and remember to get a shipping receipt, so we can reimburse your shipping costs.


Søe-Jensen & Co.

Amaliegade 4

1256 København K

When you return the merchandise, please describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

We do not accept packages without delivery or packages sent COD.


If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact us at sjc@soe-jensen.dk . If we are unable to find a solution, you can direct your complaint to the relevant authority in this respect, as long as the conditions for this are met.


A complaint about a piece of merchandise or a service purchased from us can be submitted to The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Centre for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to Centre for Complaint Resolution via www.forbrug.dk.

The online complaint portal for the EU Commission can also be used to lodging a complaint. This is especially relevant, if you are a consumer living in a different country in the EU. Lodge the complaint here: http://ec.Europe.eu/odr. When lodging a complaint, you need to indicate our email address, sjc@soe-jensen.dk.

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