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Designed by architect Gunnar Wetman, the Limburg door knocker is shaped like a woodpecker, pecking at your door. It is elegant and a very nice addition to your door. Limburg is crafted in brass, but it is also available with a chrome or nickel finish.


This door knocker is a brass variation of the original woodpecker door knockers designed by Danish Gunnar Westman (1915-1985) for Morsø Iron Foundry. It has been manufactured by SøeJensen & Co. since 1954.

Gunnar Westman – Wikipedia

Limburg can be delivered in brass, nickel or chrome surface. Limburg is available in brass, nickel, or chrome finish. Also available in browned brass upon request.

Limburg is our best-selling door knocker, and not without reason.


Length: 215 mm;
Width: 72 mm;
Screw: 4 x 3,5mm

Sketch drawing


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